Branford Elementary students will be participating in S.T.E.M. projects again this year. This will be a collaborative event where classrooms partner up and share in the learning process together. On November 3rd, students will participate in a “hands on” science and math experience during school. The project will focus around state mandated science and math standards with technology standards included where appropriate. A few supplies may be required for this project.  If so, your child’s teacher will contact you in the coming weeks.

If your child wishes to create an independent, traditional Science Fair project he or she will be able to present the project to his/her class during the week of November 3rd. The project will not be formally judged, nor will a grade be assigned to the project. It will only be done for a scientific experience.

Independent science projects and classroom STEM projects will be on display on November 6th and will remain up through November 8th


Thank You,

The Curriculum Engagement Committee at Branford Elementary School